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Natalie Jester is an enthusiastic, adaptable, and trustworthy professional with exceptional attention to detail. She is committed to providing memorable customer experiences by promoting a service-oriented culture. Natalie is an effective leader, creating an environment that fosters growth and empowers those around her.

Areas of Expertise

Relationship Management

In a field driven by communication, Natalie has mastered the interpersonal skills needed to be a confident leader. On the job, she uses the combination of creative and logical thinking to brainstorm solutions while maintaining integrity. In her leadership roles, Natalie approaches team building in a collaborative manner to encourage everyone to thrive.

Content Creation

Natalie's experience in graphic design started with user-friendly programs such as Canva and developed with the training in Adobe products - Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Natalie is also a skilled video editor having experience using both iMovie and Final Cut Pro. The content shows her attention to detail and the ability to create aesthetically pleasing media. Natalie plans on increasing her toolbelt by taking classes on photography and creative writing to become more well rounded. 

Service & Events

Over the past four years, Natalie held positions with Marriott International. These experiences have developed her into a well-rounded professional in the service industry. Natalie's background in Hotel Operations has led her to become a 'jack of all trades' having worked in food & beverage, rooms, housekeeping, concierge, guest services, and engineering. She also has experience working on meetings, conventions, special events, etc. while collaborating with many departments.

Strategic Storytelling &


As a Marketing Director and Campaign Manager for Arizona State University Student Government, Natalie has set goals, performed market research, and developed SWOT analysis to curate a vision for social media and turned that into results. In her experience, Natalie has mastered the ability to communicate a clear mission and objective of a brand to a target audience using multiple forms of integrated digital media. 

What People Are Saying:

"Natalie demonstrated her limitless supply of imagination, resourcefulness, and attentiveness to detail consistently as a beloved former student and club member. Her capacity to gracefully and seamlessly leap from one commitment to the next (I have literally seen her in two at once!), choreograph multiple initiatives, and build successful partnerships puts her in a class of her own. I confidently recommend Natalie Jester for any need that requires clear, creative messaging centered in the true spirit service and hospitality."

Dr. Claire McWilliams

Tourism Development & Management

Arizona State University 

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