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Social Media

Welcome to the social media portfolio. This page includes examples of feeds I have worked to curate over time to please the view aesthetically. I also have worked on a team to promote Arizona State on various forms of Social media as well as worked with brands on my personal page to promote products. 

Walt Life Brand Partnership

Recently, I had the privilege of partnering with the brand Walt Life who makes Disney Subscription boxes. I learned the value of promotional content creation, brand exposure, creating different content suited for a variety of distribution channels, and how to collaborate with other companies to reach a goal. Below you will find the TikTok and the IGTV I created, as well as the Instagram post on their account.

Arizona State Promotional Content

With my school, I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of promotional content including email marketing, digital on the ASU homepage, print through admissions brochures, TV commercials, and photography for future creations. Below you will find some examples of projects I was a part of including social media posts, emails, and screen grabs from the ASU website. 

Screenshot 2021-03-20 072718.png

Instagram Feed Curation

Below are a few examples of the Instagram accounts that I have ran. All of the content was selected and planned by me from the filter preset used to when to post to the caption that went along with it. The goal was to create the most effective promotion while publishing layouts with colors and pictures that are most aesthetically pleasing to the viewer's eye. 


1.5 k followers

Untitled design (6).png
Untitled design (6).png

1.2 k followers



(personal page)


1.9 k followers

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