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Welcome to the projects page. Here I have showcased relevant coursework that I have completed over time as an Arizona State senior studying Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications. Some of the courses featured below include Creating Digital Experiences, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, and Principles of Marketing. 


Agile Product Development

The goal for this project was to improve the customer experience through digital interactions. We decided to create an app for a popular restaurant in town that allows the guest to personalize and facilitate an interactive, unique dining experience. Our design was created using Marvel App. 


Customer and User Experience

In this project we worked with an outside company to evaluate the UX for that brand's website/customer portal then offer recommendations on improvements. Some improvements included improving calls to action, providing available information on services to meet customer needs and mobile optimization.


Service Design Project

In this project we worked with AT&T on a rebrand that brought improvements to their Sales Development Program. We gave recommendations on how to improve the marketing of the program including a new event series that will bring the participants together through professional networking, game nights and other bonding events.


Client Brand Assesment

In this project, we worked with Liberty Mutual to conduct a thorough brand assessment on their Right Track Program and propose recommendations to enhance the brand though marketing. We conducted research and analyzed the data to propose our ideas and pitch them to the Liberty Mutual Team.


Brand Identity Project

In this project we created a logo for our team and then broke down the meaning in a presentation. The colors, the word choice, and the style all went into creating a meaningful logo that will resonate with those who view it. 


Influence Project

In this project, we worked to determine how consumer behavior could potentially be used by marketers within the hospitality industry to increase profitability and/or consumer welfare in the age of the global pandemic. We used different consumer responses to develop marketing campaigns hotels could use to get consumers back on the market after the pandemic. 

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